Rob Balducci - Lick of The Week "Reprise"

Rob Balducci has a new Lick of The Week.

This weeks Lick is track 14 "Reprise" from his new CD Violet Horizon.

The Rock House Instructor and Favored Nations artist said on his web site, "This track was fun to record and was done in one take, I was improvising over this and we just liked it. At the end of the tune and little spots throughout I am using a Fulltone ultimate octave. I am using my Ibanez Violet Horizon RGA LAC. This guitar just sings and has a very sweet tome to it. It is a swamp ash body."

"When I was getting ready to do this CD I wanted to come up with an opening track and a closing track that featured the same theme etc... This track starts off mellow like the opening track Violet Horizon but then the drums come in and my playing gets more aggressive as the tune moves on. I love the vibe to this, it reminds me of some Gilmore and Floyd.... Hope you dig it!

See all of Rob's LOTW at his you tube site www.youtube.com/robbalducci 

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