Freekbass Featured In Relix Magazine For Music

Rock House Instructor and Artist Freekbass is featured in the November Issue of Relix- The Magazine for Music. He listed as the #1 artist on the verge that you should know about. One hell of an honor I would say.

The article that was written by John Patrick Gatta for the magazine says:

Freekbass isn’t just another funk artist who regurgitates traditions. Despite growing up in the same Cincinnati/Dayton funk hotbed that gave birth to James Brown’s pioneering King Records catalog and Bootsy Collins and the Ohio Players, he’s produced a 21st century style over the course of six releases that meshes traditional elements of funk with decidedly more modern soundscapes. “As much as I listen to Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder,OutKast or George Clinton, I also listen to groove and feel groups such as Radiohead, Daft Punk, STS9 and DJ Shadow,” says Freekbass, whose current album, Junkyard Waltz, features guests like Mike Gordon, Buckethead, Bernie Worrell, Jen Durkin and Gary “Mudbone” Cooper. “So, just like when P-Funk started and were influenced by groups like Zappa, Bowie and The MC5, these groups of our era are what crawled into my funk.” Determined not to become a one-act show, he also plans to explore new dimensions of live electronica as a duo with turntablist Tobotius, contribute to the next Bootsy Collins record, release a third instructional DVD and develop a pilot for a children’s show.
That's a pretty cool 2 cents worth for a magazine that I found to be a very interesting read. They have some pretty cool articles that are a litle different from the regular zines your used to reading plus podcats and videos. Check 'em at http://www.relix.com/

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