The Weekend Read October 17th - 23rd ; Guitar Lessons, Articles and More

The Rock House Blog Weekend Read.

Bring you the best articles from around the web. Articles include guitar lessons, guitar bass guitar news, guitar playing tips and tricks and just some plain old good reading.

Truth in Shreading - Zakk Wylde performing the Star Spangled Banner...Zakk Wylde: tna wrestling!

Thumbrella - Words to a void - After my brief review of James McMurtry's new album here (I'd have written a  longer review if I'd waited a few days - the songs really got in my head and I have listened to it...These songs write movies in my head - James McMurtry at The Cluny

The Classical Guitar Blog - One of the most challenging and beautiful aspects of classical guitar is the ability to play contrapuntal textures. Most of the time we think of counterpoint within the context of a fugue, but counterpoint is fundamental to all types of classical music – even in the simplest of repertoire...A Counterpoint Study for Guitar

Strat-O-Blogster - About the same time I began Stratoblogster- a little over 3 years ago- another blog called "Building the Ergonomic Guitar" was also starting up...eLutherie.org - Exploring the Limits of Guitar Design

Share My Guitar - One of the big differences between a good blues player and a blues player that sucks is the sound of the scales. There is a distinct pattern to the style of fair-to-middlin’ players. It is a natural sound, reflecting the fact that they are still playing the scale rather than the notes...How to Not Suck at the Blues: Part 1

Marks Guitar Blog - This week we are going to learn a simple device to help you build coherent phrases with the Pentatonic or Blues Scales.  If you do not already know these scales, you can download a worksheet on the Minor Pentatonic Scale Here :...Pentatonic Phrasing Lesson 1

John Horn - Guitarist - Working through the 50 Blues Licks course is a bit like a attending wine-tasting with an expert sommelier...Review: 50 Blues Guitar Licks You Must Know

I Heart Guitar - This week’s announcement of a 7-string Gibson Explorer has got me thinking – wouldn’t it be great if 7-string versions of some of our other favourites were made?...FEATURE: Wait, they made a 7-string of that?!?

Guitar Player Zen - So how can you create that amazing concert every time you play, and begin to build an army of followers?...Building An Army Of Fans Every Time You Perform

Guitar Noize - I stumbled on a book released by Fender, The Soul of Tone, which was published to celebrate 60 years of Fender amplifiers... The Soul of Tone

Guitar Flame - Can you ever watch/listen your own concerts fully happy with the result?..What’s the worst that could happen?

Guitar Bassman - Anytime you’re given the chance to listen to one of the greatest guitar players ever to walk this planet talk about his new guitar, his new signature model, my advice is to listen...Eddie Van Halen Talks About His New Guitar

Freekbass' Blog - NEW SONG - "I Fell From Orbit And I Fell For You" - Freekbass and Tobotius

Double Bass Blog - So, regardless of which teacher type you have acquired, now you have to figure out what to do with it. Teachers have lots of complicated features, and often we just throw our hands up in the air, press the start button, and hope that they workPBDB: Care and Feeding of the Bass Teacher, Chapter 2 – Common Problems and Solutions

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