The Weekend Read for October 3rd - the 9th; Guitar Lessons, Articles and More

The Rock House Blog Weekend Read.

Bring you the best articles from around the web. Articles include guitar lessons, bass guitar news, guitar playing tips and tricks and just some plain old good reading.

Dolphinstreet Guitar Gear Blog - Here is a tip for those who have a non-locking style floating tremolo bridge on a Stratocaster type of guitar...Floating bridge guitar setup

Double Bass Blog - MusTech.net blogger Joe Pisano (also an active Twitter user on the subject of music education) put out an excellent post on the subject of the Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance, specifically on what a student interested in obtaining this degree should be concerned with in school selection...Thinking About A Bachelor’s Degree In Music Performance – advice from MusTech.net

Free Guitar Videos - If you haven't check out iTunesU yet, they have a lot of cool free podcasts of lectures up. One of the coolest being a history of jazz podcast...History of Jazz Podcast

Guitar Answers - There are some killer wallpapers at the Fender site,check them out.All you have to do is register,which is free...Some Killer Guitar and Amp Wallpapers

Guitar Lifestyle - Anthony Stauffer has posted an interesting article about how he has arrived at playing music for a hobby instead of as a career...Music as a Hobby

Guitar Noize - California Auctioneers are auctioning a collection of vintage and signed guitars on Sunday October 11th in California but you are also able to bid over the phone or online...California Auctioneers vintage and signed guitars

Guitar Player Zen - Became a better guitar player by practicing in your sleep...Be a Better Guitar Player: Practice Guitar in Your Sleep (seriously)

Guitarz - Another extremely lovable Japanese guitar is the Yamaha SGV-300 (the blue one). It's usually credited as a surf guitar, but if I'd play one (when I play one, soon enough I hope), my music would have nothing to do with surf music...Yamaha's coolest guitar designs : SGV & SG-2C

I Heart Guitar - I just got this press release from ProGuitarShop about their new series of product microsites. This one is based on the Digitech Whammy Pedal, but there will be many others...NEWS: ProGuitarShop launches gear microsites

Jason Shadrick - Guitarist - 7 Questions with Greg Koch

Marks Guitar Blog - This is the second "partial chord" lesson. You should check out the Partial Chord Shapes Primer Lesson if you haven't already for the chord shapes...Partial Chord Shapes #2 - Backbeat Rhythm Guitar! 

Not Playing Guitar - Do you stare at your guitar neck when you practice? It's easy to fall into this bad habit as you learn to play guitar...Guitar Practice Pitfalls: Staring at the Neck

Strat-O-Blogster - eBay Power Seller mrwmlarson makes some killer neck plates for Strats, Teles & Fender bass...Custom Photo Engraved Neck Plates for Strats & Teles

The Classical Guitar Blog - There are many different ways to use the right hand little finger (labeled c). Some pedagogues recommend training it as you would any other finger, others advocate keeping it straight (or do that themselves) or having it follow along the ring finger...Pesky Pinky

Truth in Shreading - videos of shedding...Truth in Shreading

Have a rockin' weekend everyone!!!


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