Rob Balduccis' Lick Of The Week - "My Desire"

In Rob Balducci's LOTW, Rob talks about and playing a bit of his song "My Desire" from the CD Violet Horizon.

Rob is using his Ibanez RG Prestige LAC guitar plugged into his Cornford MK5011 head and using George L's cables. He has a Maxon Delay plugged into the effects loop.

The Rock House Instructor and favored Nations artist said on his web site;

"The inspiration behind the tune comes from My Desire for music and the guitar. It is about an attitude for learning and keeping that excited feel you had when you first picked up the guitar. On this CD I thought back to the time when I first played guitar. It was an exciting time in my life and I tried to get that back. I think I was able to do that on this CD. I love everything about the guitar even the way the case and guitar smells when I open it up lol..... People talk about the new car smell, well frigg that, I want the new guitar smell!!"

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Kyle said...

Very groovy and I love the fact that it's a slow and soulful riff that doesn't have any extra notes thrown in to make sound fancy.