Rob Balducci - Lick Of The Week "Trinity" from the CD Violet Horizon

In this video Rob is using a Ibanez S Series Prestige 24 fret LAC Guitar and running through a Cornford MK50 11 and Cornford cab.

About the son Rob says the inspiration comes from " Attending Catholic high schools and we in the religion they speak of the word Trinity, 3 entities making up the sum on one. I was originally going to call the tune unity or one but I like the concept of 3 meaning one. This tune has a really nice melody that you can remember and has a very fire like solo break to it. This song was recorded as a real trio, guitar, bass and drums and we added the keyboard later on. The tune has inspirations from some of my favorite players like Gary Moore and a little Zeppelinish grooves. I hope you enjoy it".

More Guitar Video from Balduuci's "Lick of The Week" can be found at http://www.youtube.com/RobBalducci

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