Children of Bodom World Tour Wrap Up

From The COBs' blog on their my space site http://blogs.myspace.com/childrenofbodom

World Tour is Done!

We started in May 2008, when the album came out. With Megadeth in USA. Summer arrived and we escaped to Australia's and New Zealand's winter. Then a longer flight to Japan, back to warmth and the perfect noodle soups. We also did some festivals in Europe including Wacken and Download.

Back to USA as headliner, after which we hit arenas with Slipknot and Machine head in Europe. Here and there a couple headliners in between. Christmas home and new years too. Beginning of the year was time for the long awaited headlining in Europe. Managed to get Cannibal Corpse and Diablo with us. Then experienced a couple of weeks of spring time in Finland, and off we go, with Lamb Of God, North America. Somebody falls from his bunk and we go home. Summertime, everything healed, and we hit some festivals, but also had the chance to enjoy the Finnish summer. Summer ends and we fly to spring of Buenos Aries, from where we start the last thing of this cycle. Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei and finally Moscow.

We toured with many bands, many crew. Met a lot of nice people, weird people, funny people. Tasted weird foods, emptied minibars, swam in the ocean. Pounded Brazilian Churrascaria beef, had tons of nigiris in Tokyo, french fries animal style in Cali and poutine in Canada. We enjoyed the tropical heat, fruits and surf in Honolulu, also the hospitality of locals in the Irish Bar, and the day after around the island, ending in Gyu-Kaku.

Played many cities where we never headlined before, including Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Clifton Parks, Beijing, Taipei, Hongkong, Honolulu, Monterrey, Buenos Aires...

Learned to say hello in Chinese and Cantonese, not to forget the dirty phrases in Japanese in Rock-Rock.

We wanna thank all the fans we had the honor to play with!

And the really nice fans who we were able to meet!

Thanks goes to all the bands we toured with, all the cool crew we met and worked with, especially our own crew and our management.

All the locals who made shows happen, all the locals who helped us out, whether it was ordering a pizza or showing me the Tiananmen square.

We re done now for a while. Concentrating on writing.

But after all is done, we will do the same again!!!!

Henkka and boys

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