The Weekend Read September 12 -18; Guitar Lesson, Articles and More

The Rock House Blog Weekend Read.

Bring you the best articles from around the web. Articles include guitar lessons, bass guitar news, guitar playing tips and tricks and just some plain old good reading.

Jemsite - Music is an everlasting weapon--a tool that when you master, will certainly take you places...
Music: The Ultimate Tool

Dy-sphoric - While he plays the bass, he has some great tips for anyone who plays an instrument...Good Practice Habits

steviesnacks - Did you ever notice how there seems to be a tremendous amount of gravity attached to the idea of playing music for a living?...Music As A Hobby

Guitar Noize - Today is a great day for you, but for me it is a very sad day because I am announcing the biggest competition in Guitar Noize’s history. Ok so I’m not sad about that, I’m ...Way Huge pedals giveaway!

Guitar Player Daily - In this article we will look at *turnarounds* (aka turnbacks) and their various permutations as applied to major keys, minor keys, suspended resolutions and “other” progressions...Jazz Guitar Turnarounds

GuitarFlame - As you may already know, I am not a fan of stompboxes, I rather use digital processors, multi effects, “all in one” boxes, like the BOSS I currently own…BOSS Micro BR, a studio in your hand

GuitarPlayerZen - Spiritually enlightened and developed individuals suggest that we get rid of obstacles. By overcoming the obstacles in your life, you achieve your potential, or attain the Way. Here is what they suggest: ...9 Obstacles That Prevent You From Achieving Your Potential

Not Playing Guitar - It is often said of music that it is not a competition sport, but I recently discovered one guitar site that challenges that old saying in no uncertain terms...Guitar: A Competition Sport?

Strat-O-Blogster - Strat-O-Blogster always is quick with the wit....Kanye-Caster

Street Musician - Every now and then I get confronted with a song that has either a ridiculously long set of lyrics containing about twenty verses or one that does not make any sense at ...How to Learn Complex Song Lyrics With Minimum Effort

The Fifth Fret - I'm a huge fan of getting the gist of something. I'm a big believer in it with everything not JUST the guitar because once you get the gist you can start working on adding to it...RhythmStrummer

Truth In Shredding - Largest collection of everything shred videos... Truth In Shredding 

Double Bass Blog - Australian double bassist Steve Abrahall wrote to me recently about a piece he wrote several years ago about how young musicians might want to approach the concept of practicing...Advice for young musicians from a seasoned veteran (not me!)

Jason Shadrick - Guitarist - One of the most common skills I see guitarists lacking is a strong sense of internal time...Make Your Metronome Work For You

The Classical Guitar Blog - One of the first things we learned about guitar was that our left hand finger tips go right behind the frets...Perfect Left Hand Finger Placement

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GuitarDaddy said...

I really appreciate this post man! It connected me with several other guitar blogs that are active and posting current content. A lot of the blogs that come up on Google searches seem to be abandoned... Check out TheGuitarBuzz.com when you have a minute...I hhave been pouring my heart into it! Feedback appreciated -Thanks -GuitarDaddy