Bass Guitar Guru Doug Wimbish Announces A New Project With Tackhead

Bass Guitarist Doug Wimbish announced that his band Tackhead's project Sharehead is going ahead with new recordings. The gang was back in the studio and due to new projects (world tour for Living Colour to promote the new album Chair in the doorway), Little Axe (new production for Real World Records) the boys where digging in their heads:

Bob Marley - War
Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World
Rolling Stones - Can't you Hear Me Knocking
Lou Reed - Walk On The Wildside

There are also plans for other VERY interesting combinations and tracks that are recorded and on the way to be mixed...! To give you an idea of what's going on, you can listen to a bit of War and a snippet of Can't you Hear Me Knocking at www.tackhead.com. Please note that the tracks have yet to be mixed!

It looks like that "101010" will be the highlight for TACK>>HEAD with a world tour and a new album.


Doug Wimbish is a Bass Guitar Instructor at Rock House Method. www.rockhousemethod.com

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