The Weekend Read for August 8th - August 15th

I was going to start the weekend read with a tribute to Les Paul. I then noticed an article about Les Paul written by Alex Skolnick on his blog SkolNotes. I read it and really enjoyed the how Alex put it all into words.
"For earlier generations, the words "Les Paul" conjured images of a gentle, humble, self deprecating man on TV and Radio, a genius inventor and master musician and one half of the hit entertainment duo Les Paul & Mary Ford. While Les Paul, the guitar, will live on well into the future, Les Paul, the man, sadly, is not immortal. Les passed away yesterday at the age of 94."
Read rest of Alex's tribute - Goodbye Les Paul

And now for the rest of the weekend read:

Guitar Answers - Everybody wants to play solo guitar,the rock star image right!Well that is all good,but there is a whole different side to guitar and that is a rhythm side...Rhythm Guitar Playing...A Lost Art ...No 

Guitar Noize - If you are a developer like me you may have used the project management tool Basecamp by 37 Signals which aids online collaboration and task management...Band Central, organise your band

Guitar Flame - It’s very interesting to see how people all over the world build statues for celebrating their music stars. So, as a curiosity, I have started to look around for statues and I could find the following:...Famous rock star statues all around the globe. Any others you know?

Not Playing Guitar - Several guitar learners recently asked me how to progress beyond learning and playing songs from tab or chord files...Learn Guitar: 7 Steps Beyond Playing Tabs

Strat-O-Blogster - "...Plays, looks and sounds perfect a perfect guitar..!"...Fender MIK Set Neck Strat Deluxe? - Strats With Issues #4

The Fifth Fret - Call it an inappropriate curiosity but I want to know how much it costs to make a guitar...M.A.P.

The Freekbass Blog Alert - New T-Shirt Design for Western Tour

Truth In Shredding - Shred, shred, shred.... Truth In Shredding

Double Bass Blog - Here are a few classic posts about learning an instrument, practicing, getting ready for music school, and other such topics...Posts about learning, practicing, and auditioning

I Heart Guitar - To call the Dark Fire an update of the Robot Guitar is like saying that when Luke Skywalker learned to use the force he picked up a few cool tricks...REVIEW: Gibson Dark Fire

Jason Shadrick - Guitarist - Our featured guest for our Blues Summit was Jimmie Vaughan.  Jimmie is a legendary Texas Blues musician and is one of a handful of guitarists who we have never had the chance to work with...National Guitar Workshop Summer Tour Part Three: Austin, TX

The Classical Guitar Blog - Many people struggle with relaxed, right-hand alternation. i m alternation seems to be the preferred combination because that’s what everyone does right?...Secret Alternation Speed Weapon

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