Rock House Instructor Gus G. hooks up with Ozzy

I was holding back on the news that one our Rock House Instructors was changing some things up but, I see it is getting around the web so I thought I should get something posted up on it.

It appears that Rock House Instructor Gus G. is hooking with Ozzy, an interesting career move if I may say.

Gus G is the mastermind behind Greece's FIREWIND one of to the most impressive and hard-working melodic metal bands of our time. He has also played in Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage, Arch Enemy and Dream Evil.

Gus G. makes his debut as the new guitarist for Ozzy this Saturday, August 22nd. The concert will take place at the Blizzcon convention and be available on DIRECTV pay-per-view.

The coolest thing for me though....is that we have him in the Rock House Method camp.

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