Rob Balducci Lick Of The Week - Friction from the new CD "Violet Horizon"

Favored Nations artist Rob Balducci just posted this new Lick Of The Week. His LOTW is currently featuring videos from his new CD Violet Horizon. This weeks song is Track 2 from the CD called " Friction". Rob Tells an interesting story about how he come up with the song and then plays it. This was one of my favorite tracks on the CD which I reviewed on the RHB not too long ago ( Review – Rob Balducci’s Violet Horizon ).

Rob who is also an instructor for Rock House says "In this video I am using my Violet Horizon Ibanez RGA LAC guitar, it has dimarzio pick - ups in it ( A Steve Special in the bridge in reverse) I like it this way because it changes the tone and makes it a little bit more warm. In the neck I think I have a PAF Joe. I am running into my Cornford MK50 11 and into a Cornford 4 x 12 cab with vintage 30's.I am using George L's cables for the guitar as well as connections on the pedal board. This song has a great feel to it and I was thinking Van Halen and Hendrix when I was writing the tune. This tune has a lot of energy and the inspiration behind this track is well, to keep it PG related.... Sex! I hope you enjoy the tune."

You can get more info on Rob's CD Violet Horizon @ www.robbalducci.com/store

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