Michael Padget of BFMV Guitar Video Lesson - Melodic Shred

By adding some feel and emotion into a solo you begin to find great melodic lines that stick in people’s head. Padge uses a blend of minor pentatonic and full minor scales as his main weapons and masterfully executes techniques such as bending, arpeggios, and two-handed tapping while still being conscious that melody should be present.

In this lesson I want to look at a lead section inspired by the title song from the album Scream Aim Fire, to give you a great example of how to mix shred and melody into one exciting solo. FYI: Padge tunes down a full-step to D, so all the pitches will sound a full-step lower than written in the notation. When you give a listen to this entire solo after dissecting it you can see the creative vision Padge employs.

—John McCarthy

This lesson comes from Padge’s Rock House Method Metal Guitar program. You can download more video lessons and backing tracks at http://www.rockhousemethod.com/gpultimatemetal. Check out all Michael Paget’s complete Rock House programs at www.rockhousemethod.com.

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