The Weekend Read for Guitar - May 30th through June 6th

Actually this may have listing for more than just the last week. Due to schedule conflicts for myself I missed getting The Weekend Read published last week.

So, here is the weekend read from some of the best guitar and music blogs on the free web today.

Acoustic Guitarist Blog - Here is Part 3 of my Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements. This is a tune called Maree’s Wedding (Marie’s Wedding), an old Irish tune with the words “Step we gaily on we go etc... Acoustic Fingerstyle Arrangement Part 3 – Marees Wedding and Here is Part 4 of my Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangements. It’s a traditional song called Down By Sally Gardens. I’ve put this into the key of G so it is easy enough to play... Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Part 4 Down By Sally Gardens

All About Guitars - Les Paul - The Legend on Show (Pics and Video)

Blues Historian - Koko Taylor the queen of the blues is gone...Koko Taylor RIP and A new BB King video is out containing some great footage of BB King live at Montreux New Release BB King Live At Montreux

Guitar Holiday - Guitars that look like Harley engines... http://holidaygallery.net/guitar/

Guitar Lifestyle - For anyone who’s played a musical instrument, you know that you’re not going to be able to play anything up to speed the first try...Slow Down

Guitar MX Blog - MusicRadar is one of my favorite music sites, and they recently put together a compilation of 10 instructional guitar videos for absolute beginners...10 Guitar Videos for Beginners

Guitar Noize - I recently received this fantastic Wah Pedal as a gift from Soap Creativefor 2 years service as a web developer...Review: Custom Audio Electronics MC-404 Wah and, I am quite surprised that this has never existed before considering the musical heritage of Nashville but this year sees a new Amp Expo in Nashville, Tennessee...The first Annual Nashville Amp Show and, Wampler Pedals have just announced that their new ‘Build Your Own Pedal’ kits Build your own effects with ToneClone Pedals

iTalkGuitar blog - Just about every musician I've ever spoken to has agreed that a great deal of an individual's chances of success in the music business relies on them being in that mythical right place at the right time...Right Place: Right Time...

Mad Stratter - Experimenting with alternate tunings gives you a chance to tear down the habits and customs that might be holding your creativity back...Alternate Guitar Tunings, vol. I

Not Playing Guitar - Inspired by the Curt's recent thoughts on practice routines at the Rock House Blog today I'm going to share my current guitar practice routine with you...Guitar Practice Schedule and, Chord change drills are an easy system for ensuring thorough chord practice...Chord Change Practice Drills 

Street Musician - I'm often asked the best ways of powering your equipment when out busking or gigging at outdoor events where power is an issue...How to Power Your Busking & Gigging Equipment Outdoors 

The Fifth Fret - When I was young and wanting to get a guitar to learn how to play I would see people smash their guitars on stage, on recorded concerts, on Clash posters, all over the place and I always had the same sentiment: Why not just give it to me?...Guitar Smashing

The Freekbass Blog Alert - Brand New Trak by *Freekbass and Tobotius...DON'T U THINK THAT U DON'T WANT TO DANCE ?

Truth In Shredding - Too many shred videos to list....lol...just hit the site.... Truth In Shredding

Cameron Mizell - When I was younger, I was terrible at learning different styles of music at the same time. I wouldn’t even allow myself to listen to styles of music that I wasn’t studying...Diversity

Jason Shadrick, Guitarist -  As Director of Marketing and Artist Relations for NGW, it is my job to keep tabs on what are in the latest guitar magazines, and what guitarists are receiving the most attention...Guitar Magazines, Do You Still Read Them?

The Classical Guitar Blog - Music should be easy. But we get really caught up in practicing, and we get tense...Think Smaller

Have a rockin' weekend

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