The Weekend Read for Guitar - June 20th through June 27th

Other cool articles from the Rock House Blog's mighty blog roll.

Acoustic Guitarist Blog - Here is Part Five of my Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements in TAB and music Notation. This one is the old Irish tune, Danny Boy also called the Londonderry Air...Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Part 5 Danny Boy

Jemsite - Dave Munger knows A LOT about music. At least how it makes you feel, what it does for the atmosphere, and how you can learn a lot from it...The Music Man 

Not Playing Guitar - There are two kinds of guitarist, those who know their fretboard and those who don't...5 Reasons to Learn Your Guitar Fretboard

SkolNotes - I'll never forget the days just before I left the San Francisco Bay Area for New York City. "You'll be back" I was told by a once promising Bay Area musician...I Left San Francisco (And Took My Heart With Me)

Strat-O-Blogster Guitar Blog - Here's a new series about Strats people are listing that just don't seem quite right. Either it's something said in the description that makes you wanna read between the lines, or it's a mod that you wonder about-- "Why would they do that?"...Strats With Issues on eBay - DIRECTORY

Street Musician - We are constantly hearing in the news about the current global economic downturn and how every day thousands of people are loosing their jobs and local shops and business...Musicians & The Economic Crisis

The Fifth Fret - First, I never understood the term “shred.” I know what it means, don’t get me wrong, but providing I had never heard the descriptive word for playing wicked fast I would have probably thought it was “burn...Shred Or Burn?

The Freekbass Blog Alert - A brand new PodCast, Instant Funk with Freekbass is now posted...NEW Instant FUNK PodCast

Truth In Shredding - Tons of vids.... Truth In Shredding  

I Heart Guitar - You have to have been living in some kind of coop to not have heard about Chickenfoot, the new supergroup featuring Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar, Mike Anthony and Chad Smith...INTERVIEW: Joe Satriani

The Classical Guitar Blog - In case you haven’t gotten the hint that practice logs are a good idea, here’s some reasons why you need to start a practice log today... 1. You Can’t Remember Shit....Five Reasons to Start Pratice Log (Today)

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