Rob Balducci Lick Of The Week - Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah

Rob Balduccis Lick of The Week is all about the Morley George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah.

Rob says in the video, "I am using mt Ibanez RGA Violet Horizon guitar and using a little delay and that is it". He also talks about how he likes to apply this particular pedal.

The Rock House Artist/Instructor goes on to say, "This wah as all of Morley's wah wah's is awesome. It does not degrade your tone and has true bypass. You just step on it to turn it on, no switches or pots. It has two really cool features, the Wow and the Notch switch. The Wow is a button you step on that changes the way the wah sounds and adds a cool effect onto the sound. The notch is another button that you switch on and it has a knob that you set either for the trble side of the wah or the bass side or anything in between. You pick a spot and then hit the switch and without stepping on the wah you get the sound of the wah as if you had your foot on it but in a stationary position. This is very cool ! I hope you guys dig it! enjoy"!

For more on Rob Balducci check him out at http://www.myspace.com/robbalducci

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