5 Music Terms For The Day


Seventh - The seventh degree of the diatonic scale. Also, the interval formed by a given tone and the seventh tone above or below it, e.g. c up to b, or c down to d. Intervals of the seventh may be major, minor, diminished, or augmented.

Tonality - The term used to describe the organization of the melodic and harmonic elements to give a feeling of a key center or a tonic pitch.

Allegro - Quick tempo; cheerful.

Clef - A symbol placed at the beginning of the staff to indicate the pitch of the notes on the staff. The most commonly used clefs in choral music are the G, or treble, clef and the F or bass clef  . On the keyboard, all the notes above middle C are said to be in the G clef; all the notes below middle C in the F clef.

Doloroso - Sadly; mournfully.

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