The Weekend Read of Guitar Blogs - May 9th through May 15th

Some nice reads for the weekend from our list of other cool sites. Should keep you busy for hours :)

Jemsite - The Guitar Hero series on Jemsite features interviews with guitarists and musicians who may not have star status YET...The Guitar Hero Series: Chris Standring

Guitar Noize - Now these were just cool....It must be difficult for boutique amplifier builders to stand out from the crowd and get noticed these days...Ark Amps Model A

Guitar Player Daily - While many of us practice soloing, comping and learning songs in our daily routines, one of the most important aspects of our playing often goes overlooked, phrasing...Phrasing Exercises for Guitar

iTalkGuitar blog - When I was recording my album 'Nocturnal' I came across a problem which required an unorthodox solution...Recording in The Field: A Survival Guide

Japan Guitar Journies - It might not come as such a surprise to many guitarists and then again it might open up your eyes to a new world of tone, but your volume knob on your guitar is extremely useful...Tech Tip: Using Your Volume Control

Not Playing Guitar - This lesson for beginner guitar players explains what sus chords are and shows you how to play some popular sus chords based on open chords...What You Should Know About Sus Chords

Strat-O-Blogster - Most Fender-tone oriented geeks are at least familiar with the name Fred Stuart as one of the original core Fender Custom Shop luthiers...Fred Stuart, Rock-It Tone Custom Guitar Guru

Street Musician - I've just registered to take part in the biggest busk the world has ever seen...World Busk - The Greatest Busk The World Has Ever Seen

The Freekbass Blog Alert - AudioCubes are designed to be played in live performances, and let you control sounds by manipulating the position, angles and relationships between the palm-sized cubes...AudioCubes

Have a rockin' weekend

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Great passion for guitars here. Will follow for more.

-Me says Mesa Boogie Music, ESP Man!”

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I will follow....great things here!!