The Weekend Read of Guitar Blogs - May 3rd through May 9th

Some cool reads from The Rock House Blog list of "Other Cool Sites". Check 'em all out on the left side.

Acoustic Guitarist Blog - Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Gypsy Rover TAB and Notation...Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement Part 1 and Acoustic Fingerstyle Arrangement Part 2

Jem Site - Can you improve your guitar playing when you don't have your guitar handy to practice on?...

Guitar Noize - Seeing as the Chickenfoot album is imminent and the US warm up tour sold out in record time I thought I would share a quick lesson on how to play the main riff from the track Soap On A Rope...Learn to play Chickenfoot - Soap On A Rope

Not Playing Guitar - Here's a guitar practice time wasting trap that's easy for anyone to fall into, and an easy cure so you can reduce your chances of getting suckered yet again...Guitar Practice: The Get It Right Now Trap

SkolNotes - Guitars are cuddly, sexy things...Guitars Vs Amps

Strat-O-Blogster Guitar Blog - The LA times online just featured an article about the current vintage collectible guitar market...LA Times Profiles Vintage Guitar Market

The Freekbass Blog Alert - This very cool oldschool music technology inspired print is availble in 3 colourways...Analog Nights Wallpaper 

Truth In Shredding - Shred videos at their best. Lori works her butt off to bring them to you. Check it.....Truth In Shredding

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Laurie Monk said...

LOL... Laurie works his butt off...

Cheers, great blog BTW

sarge1875 said...

oh man what a typo....lol...i'm leaving it. :P