Girls Who Rock - The Rock House Girl of The Week, Glitter Rose

The Rock House Girl of the Week is Glitter Rose. Glitter hails from the almighty state of Texas. There's a lot of girls that can perform like as well as boys and Glitter Rose is one of them.

A quote from Glitters web site www.glitterrose.com "Glitter Rose is an explosion of Texas Southern Rock and Outlaw Country. She's not your normal girl with a guitar. This left handed outlaw owns the stage with her amazing charisma and sex appeal. Her songs capture the audience with good time hooks, honky tonk tales, and Southern Comfort! Her Texas attitude drives her rough, sexy, country rockin' sound and sets stages on fire across the country".

RHB: When did you Start Playing?

GR: I started playing music live when I was 12. That's when I started writing songs to keyboard. I tried to learn to play guitar at 12, but was learning on a right handed guitar. I'm a lefty and it didn't work for me, so when I was 13 I tried again on a lefty model and realized I was definitely a guitar player!

RHB: Why Should Girls Rock?

GR: Because they can! Any girl who wants to play guitar, or any instrument and be a rockstar should go for it!

RHB: What is your favorite music to play?

GR: I like to rock out, whether its on a country song or a rock n roll song, I just like to play it hard and groovy!

RHB: What Type of Gear/guitars do you use?

GR: My guitar I play the most is my series with Jon Kammerer Guitars, its called the Glitter Rose Series. It's an acoustic/electric design meant for performance. My other acoustic/electrics are a Martin 1 Series (from the 90's era), and a Dean Exotica. I also play a Jon Kammerer electric through a VOX 15W Custom Classic. My other electric guitars are a Washburn Maverick and a DeArmond DuoJet Copy. AND I have an Ibanez Acoustic that I play at the campfire!

RHB: Are you in a Band?

GR: I do a solo project by my name, Glitter Rose. I write and perform southern rock with an outlaw country twist! Its fun, catchy stuff you can rock out to. My songs are about having a good time, going to Vegas, eating BBQ and drinking Southern Comfort! My website is www.glitterrose.com and my myspace page is www.myspace.com/glitterrosemusic, come by and say hi!

RHB: Do you have any advice for girls who want to get started in music?

GR: If you want to play music, you've gotta do everything you can to be the best at what you do! Take as many lessons as you can, play live whenever you can, and always have confidence and believe in yourself! But most important, remember to be humble and treat people with respect. And always help up and encourage other girls in music! Rock on! GR

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