Chimaira Explodes Onto The Billboard Top 200 With "The Infection"

Rock House Artist/Instructor Rob Arnold and his band CHIMAIRA have landed the #30 spot on Billboards Top 200 with the debut of their new album The Infection.

From the official press release:

CHIMAIRA has exploded onto the Billboard Top 200 charts with the debut of their crushing new album, The Infection. The album landed at #30, with over 15,000 units sold. The Infection is the band’s fifth studio album and the follow up to their acclaimed 2007 release, Resurrection¸ which debuted at #42 on Billboard.

Vocalist Mark Hunter commented on The Infection’s success: “We can’t thank our fans enough for supporting this album and spreading the word. In this day and age, when sales are down, and the economy is shit, the fact that we sold what we did is a miracle. We owe it to our fans for keeping us a relevant, top-tier band in the metal genre. Our fans really helped promote this album and it’s just as much of a celebration for them as it is for us.”

CHIMAIRA is also pleased to announce that one of the tracks from The Infection, ‘On Broken Glass,’ will be available as a downloadable track for Guitar Hero World Tour. The song will be available starting May 7, as part of the Ferret Music/Metal Blade Track Pack, which also contains The Devil Wears Prada’s ‘Dez Moines’, and Unearth’s ‘Grave of Opportunity’.

“We’re very excited to be a part of Guitar Hero, because we’re all huge fans of the game,” added Hunter. “We’ve been playing since it came out, and we finally have the opportunity to have one of our songs in the game. It’s a dream come true. Fans are gonna have a really hard time with this track on expert, that’s for sure!”

There is also a great review of Chimairas new album The Infection @ http://www.guitarnoize.com/blog/comments/chimaira-spread-the-infection/

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Jon said...

They certainly deserve it, The Infection is a brilliant album. I posted a review today on Guitar Noize by the way: http://www.guitarnoize.com/blog/comments/chimaira-spread-the-infection/

sarge1875 said...

Nice review Jon...I added it to my post for people to check out. Thanks!