Band-in-a-Box 2009 for Macintosh!

Band-in-a-Box 2009 for Macintosh is here with major new features and enhancements!  This new version, designed for MacIntel, runs directly on the Intel chip making the speed of operations faster.  Plus, we’ve added RealTracks and RealDrums- audio instruments that replace the MIDI track with actual recordings of top studio musicians; the amazing Audio Chord Wizard which automatically figures out the chords from any MP3, M4A, or other audio file, and displays them in Band-in-a-Box; and the new Direct Render to Disk feature so you can save your files directly as audio files (AIFF, M4A); GUI enhancements, including new toolbars and on-screen elements and more!

For more info go to http://www.pgmusic.com/mac.htm

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