5 Music Terms For The Day


Chorale - Hymn-like song, characterized by blocked chords.

Disjunct - The term used to describe intervals larger than a second; the opposite of conjunct.

Fourth - The fourth degree of the diatonic scale. Also, the interval formed by a given tone and the fourth tone above or below it, e.g. c up to f; c down to g. Intervals of the fourth may be perfect, diminished, or augmented. 

Metronome - Invented by Maelzel in 1816, the instrument is used to indicate the exact tempo of a composition. An indication such as M.M.  60 indicates that the pendulum, with a weight at the bottom, makes 60 beats per minute. A slider is moved up and down the pendulum to decrease and increase the tempo. M.M. = 80 means that the time value of a quarter note is the equivalent of one pendulum beat when the slider is set at 80.

Overture - The introductory music for an opera, oratorio or ballet. A concert overture is an independent work.

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music business said...

music term to remember...quite simple word some didn't know it...

sarge1875 said...

There's many....lol..at least for me.