Upgrading A Mexican Strat - Advice From GEAR411

Tony Pasko, the gear guru at Rock House www.rockhousemethod.com was recently asked about a standard Mexican strat. Basically what he thought of them and what kind of upgrades he would recomend for this guitar.

Tony replied:

I like the mexican Strats. They very good for the price; as far as upgrades? There are a few things I would do, since you asked.

1) Upgrade the bridge saddles to Graphite, or change the bridge. Super Vee, or Manmade bridge etc...

2) I would switch out the pots and output jack. The pick-ups are pretty good but will sound way better with quality parts. CTS parts or Mojo.

3) Change the tuners. Grover 18:1 or a Sperzel locking tuner etc...

4) Change the nut to an earvana nut or a Bone nut.

5) If you decide that you want new pick-ups. Duncans, Dimarzio, or EMGs, you have tones of choices.

As you can see there are many things you can do to modify or upgrade your new strat, so depending on your budget and what upgrades you feel are necessary you have lots of options.


Tony J. Pasko

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Stratoblogster said...

Tony, I hear that MIM Strats have pretty wimpy cast pot metal trem blocks. A steel or brass block will improve sustain.

sarge1875 said...

Stratoblogster, I told Tony about your comment and here's what he had to say.

"Stratoblogster is right, but what musicians that buy strats or strat style guitars need to consider is that an important upgrade. I'm a strong believer in the fact that quality parts will give you quality performance. The cast pot metal bridges do work and they are a good bridge when you consider the price of the guitar".

"I would consider changing the bridge a "B" level change. Do it after you have already changed out the pick-ups, electronics, nut, and tuners. These will make a much bigger difference in the tone and playability of the guitar".


Tony J. Pasko