Steinberg Grand 3 – The Ultimate Virtual Piano Suite

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With The Grand 3 Steinberg is presenting a premium collection of virtual pianos. Including three concert grand pianos, one electric grand and one upright piano plus a range of enhanced details, The Grand 3 is the deserved complement to your virtuosity.

The third version of The Grand provides musicians, keyboardists and composers alike with astonishing sound quality, realism and playability.

The Grand 3 recreates the expressiveness, playability and sound of three of the world’s finest and most famous grand pianos: Yamaha C7, Bösendorfer 290 Imperial and Steinway D. Additionally, the classical Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand as well as the charismatic vintage upright piano model by Nordiska Pianofabriken have been included to round out the palette of piano greatness.

By generating the source material to highest standards using latest recording technology, a uniquely warm, transparent and flexible sound is present in The Grand 3, delivering the same distinctive character of the individual pianos in exacting detail.

And it doesn’t stop here. With two different microphone positions that provide optimal tone and spatial positioning in the mix, its sustain and sostenuto pedal support, subtle mechanical noises and true resonance, The Grand 3 is the most ambitious and innovative development in piano modeling to date.

Key features at a glance
  • Five top-flight piano models in one VST instrument
  • Astoundingly authentic piano sound that comes courtesy of three of the world’s finest, most expensive concert grand pianos
  • Full-length sustain samples, no loops, with every key sampled individually at varying velocities
  • Unrivaled dynamic response
  • Amazingly authentic sustain pedal resonance, damper and hammer emulations, velocity adapts individually to suit your touch, style of play and keyboard’s response
  • Powerful options for tweaking tone and variable room simulations
The Grand 3 will be available in Q3 of 2009.

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