Peavey XR8000 Series of Powered box-style mixers - Now available

Peavey Electronics Corporation introduces the XR8000 Series of powered box-style mixers. The XR 8300 (2 x 300W @ 4 ohms) and the XR8600 (2 x 600w @ 4 ohms) boast a host of hidden and unique features such as their mic preamps with an incredible +14dBu of headroom. That’s 3.5 times more than it’s competitor. From the whisper of a small voice to the thunder of a kick drum, the XR8000 Series has the widest dynamic range in its class ensuring that distortion is minimised throughout the signal path.

Also unique to this range is it’s 450hz mid band Channel EQ. Unlike the typical 1-2.5khz you find on other mixers, the XR8000 Series has a mid band EQ set at 450hz. This is the ‘boxy’ sound you hear on many instruments from vocals to acoustic guitars when they are amplified. By removing this consistently problematic frequency, vocals are clearer while still maintaining depth and warmth, but this is not the only area that the EQ sets the range apart from it’s competitors.

The two mixers feature a constant Q Graphic EQ with FLS. A constant Q graphic only affects the slider being moved, whereas non-constant Q graphics interfere with each adjacent slider. When used to EQ a room, this is a vital point of difference. The Peavey Graphic EQs are precise and responsive making it easy to remove only the frequencies that are causing the system to feedback. The XR8000 Series are also equipped with FLS (Feedback Location System). This uses LEDs above each graphic EQ slider to indicate which frequency is feeding back taking the guesswork out of setting the graphic EQ.

Peavey is of course known best for it’s amplification and there is no question of why this is when you look at the ranges’ use of professional grade components that you would normally find in touring class amplifiers. Fed by robust toroidal mains transformers, the power stage offers consistent power with solid reliability. The XR8000 Series also uses the patented DDT (Distortion Detection Technique) system to eliminate distortion in the output stage of the amplifier. As distortion is a major contributor to both the failures of loudspeakers and long term hearing loss, DDT is one of the most valuable features of the XR family.

As with all of Peavey’s mixers and amplifiers the XR 8000 Series is supplied with a 2 year warranty as standard. By completing and returning the Extended Warranty Card, the period of cover is extended to 5 years and is completely free of charge in participating Countries. (UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux).
For more info check it at http://www.peavey.com/

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