Kiko Loureiro's New Venture - Neural Code

Rock House Artist/Instructor Kiko Loureiro has a newly formed band called Neural Code.

According to their my space site, The band was formed by Cuca Teixeira (drums), Kiko Loureiro (guitar) and Thiago Espirito Santo (bass). Neural Code presents a thrilling mixture of instrumental rock and jazz, creating a contemporary Brazilian sound.

Among these three major Brazilian musicians you will find Cuca Teixeira, a drummer trained in jazzĂ­stica, he has worked with geniuses of jazz such as Joe Lovano, Michel Brecker and George Benson as well as artists such as Paula Lima, and Maria Rita, Marina Lima, Kiko Loureiro, guitar virtuoso of a rock and fusion, Kiko has been with the band Angra for the past 17 years. Thiago Espirito Santo, the renowned bass instrumentalest of contemporary Brazilian music joins the trio with his distinctive style of playing and has worked alongside musicians such as the Hamilton Holland, Yamandu Costa, Toninho Horta and Hermeto Pascoal.

In their first work the trio presents eight novel compositions designed in a series of informal meetings. Creating a unique experience for all. It was possible to develop a completely new language, drawing the best from each musician and his influences in the course of each of their respective careers.

Thus was born the sound of the Neural Code.

Check out this cool Brazillian style at their my space site www.myspace.com/neuralcode

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