Ibanez Shows New Bass Line of Amps "The Promethean"

Ibanez Electronics has once more expanded its acclaimed amplification offerings, this time in the professional bass amp category. At the Winter NAMM musical instrument convention in Anaheim, bass artist Rufus Philpot (Planet X, Down to the Bone) put the small but very powerful Class D 250-watt head and the easily portable 10" speaker combo through their paces, while Ibanez retailers and sales reps looked on impressed. Only the compact combo amp and its small but undeniably visible red head were available for Ibanez retailers to order at the show, but behind the virtuosic Philpot were a number of much larger cabinets on display showing the full power and potential of the line when it gets its full unveiling at the Nashville Summer NAMM show in July 2009.

The P5110 Promethean Combo with 10" woofer and detachable 250 watt head lists for $933.32. The P500H 250 watt head is available separately with a list price of 699.99. An optional Ibanez IFS2 footswitch for easy on/off of the Promethean's VIBE control and mute function is available with a list of $34.99.

"The Promethean's Class D circuitry provides the power, portability, and high-fidelity needed by today's pro bass player," explained Frank Facciolo of Ibanez Electronics. "While there are other very good Class D bass amps, only the Promethean design offers offer the VIBE control which allows effortless and rapid changes of tone from modern to vintage. Even better, the VIBE control is footswitch accessible." Asked as to the origin of the name of the new line, Facciolo explained, "We chose the name 'Promethean' because we believe the new line perfectly meets the dictionary definition of the word: 'boldly creative or defiantly original.' Plus most everyone is familiar to some degree with Prometheus, the demi-god who stole the fire of the gods and gave it to mankindwhich explains the amplifier's very different and very visible fire red finish).


* Small size, light weight
* Detachable P500H Head with 250 watts combo/500 watts with extension cabinet
* 10" subwoofer rated at 250 watts/High frequency dome tweeter with passive crossover
* 6-band graphic EQ/bass and treble shelving tone controls
* Peak limiting circuit
* Vibe (color) control knob allows both large and incremental changes of tone from vintage to modern bass tones. Off-on footswitch (optional) controllable.
* Mute Switch. Off-on footswitch (optional) controllable.
* 2-way Clip Indicator
* Auxiliary Input (1/8")
* Headphone Out (1/8")

For more info go to www.ibanez.com

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