Girls Who Rock - The Rock House Girl of The Week, Pinchi

The Rock House Girl of the Week is Pinchi. She is from Mexico City, Mexico. There's a lot of girls that shed like boys and Pinchi is one of them.

Rock House: When did you first start playing?

Pinchi: Well, I always wanted to play some musical instrument when I was a child, finally when I turned 16 years old I had the opportunity to attend a music school but was disappointed because the teaching method was poor and one year later I decided to leave it and I left the guitar, over the years I tried different creative outlets like painting, drawing, etc. But they did not really satisfy me and I decided to pick up the guitar again, I knew that music would fill my creative passion, now I’ve been studying in a music school for four years 4 years… hehehe :D

Rock House: Whys Should Girls Rock?

Pinchi: Mmmm, always I have thought that any girl can play musical instruments like a dude or even better than them. We play rock much better!!! haha, that is so sexy watch a girl on stage who is talented!

Rock House: What is your favorite Music to Play?

Pinchi: I like all kinds of music (just some exceptions) really I enjoy playing any genre, I like to play some standards of blues, Jazz, Latin music; but definitely the METAL is my favorite music! hell yeah!!
Rock House: What are your music goals?

Pinchi: Goals? I guess to get more speed and improve my technique, but really I haven't set goals, for me I don’t have to be the best Guitarist in the world, I just Want to have fun and enjoy the moment!

Rock House: Are you in a band or want to be in one?

Pinchi: No, not at the moment :( , however, I am looking for one, I want to play in a band of brutal death metal with a little de grind core and gore, so if you are reading this and you live in South Mexico city please send me a mail.

Rock House: Tell us about all your guitars/gear?

Pinchi: I own just a one guitar, an ESP LTD F-100 FM, I love it, really I like the sound, it is so amazing and what better than to use a guitar like your heroes, now I'm thinking I need to get another ESP to play in other tuning.

You can check Pinchi at her my space page http://www.myspace.com/sickness_ch0filia

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