FREEKBASS Releases "Reds Fan" Video - See it here!

Freekbass is a huge Reds fan. In fact he loves the Reds so much he wrote a song and had a video produced for it. 

On The Freekbass' my space, site www.myspace.com/freekbass, The Funkmaster states, "This track was created to bring the funk to Great American Ball Park, home of the Cincinnati Reds. Originally included on the CD, "Clutch Hits" benefiting the Reds Community Fund.
It was written by Freekbass to describe his passion for The Cincinnati Reds Baseball team.
A music video for 'Reds Fan' filmed at the ball park, was produced and filmed by David Storm and Russ Jenisch.

You can get the download of the song by clicking HERE.

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Stormy Maverick said...

I was a Reds fan back when they had Sparky Anderson, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Ken Griffey Sr., Concepcion, etc. Yea, the Big Red Machine. Not so much any more. But the video is great. If getting to do a video with a bunch of cheerleaders isn't motivation to play, I don't know what is!