Chimaira is Having a Golden Ticket Contest

Rock House Artist/Instructor Rob Arnold's band CHIMAIRA (www.chimaira.com) have announced the Golden Ticket contest, which will give fans the chance to win a signature ESP guitar, a copy of Guitar Hero World Tour w/guitar, or a trip to see the annual Christmas show live in the band’s hometown! 

Each prize will be assigned a ticket to be randomly placed in three of the previously announced CHIMAIRA box sets, which are available for purchase here. The box set will be available on April 21, and there will only be 600 box sets produced, with the band signing the first 100!

Additionally, the laminate included in the box set will provide a website link that CHIMAIRA will update regularly. Fans can expect exclusive video and other surprises from the band to come!

CHIMAIRA box set features include:

  • Metal Briefcase packaging
  • Chimaira Infection Logo Flag
  • CD/DVD Edition of The Infection (featuring the bonus track “Revenge” and a “Making of” DVD)
  • ”Syringe” USB in metal box featuring the bonus tracks “Convictions” and “Warpath”, The Infection demos, Wallpapers, Buddy Icons and more
  • Pick Pack (featuring signature picks of all guitarists)
  • Booklet (featuring never before seen photos of the band in studio)
  • Laminate (with exclusive website link)

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Amberleigh said...

Way to update the old willy wonky trick!