The Weekend Read - March 7th through 13th

While I was busy posting a ton of cool stuff this week, our Rock House Blog friends were busy too. Check out some of these great posts of tid bits, advice and lessons.

Blues Historian - DaddyBStong has one of the best written blogs around. He writes from the heart, and knows a lot about the blues. He wrote this post on Willie King since there are a lot of musicians who didn't know who he ...A Tribute To Willie King

Jemsite - This post shows you the CROW method for setting simple and effective goals for your guitar learning. How to Set Effective Guitar Goals

Dy-sphoric - I have been reading Neil Hogan's blog: http://www.totallyguitars.com/blog/for some time now and something hit me...A good 6 months to a year...

Guitar Lifestyle - While at his recent tour stop in Milwaukee, Joe Bonamassa gave an impromptu guitar lesson to young guitar prodigy Tallan “T-Man” Latz Joe Bonamassa Guitar Lesson

Guitar Noize - Record a riff on a Washburn Guitar that’s no longer than 35 seconds and upload to YouTube. Washburn Riff Contest

Guitars - *The Birth of the Fender Stratocaster* Our story begins in the 1950's at the old Fender factory in South Raymond Avenue, Fullerton, California. The Sensational Story of the Fender See-Through Stratocaster

Not Playing Guitar - Must know guitar songs is a topic that occurs regularly on guitar forums and sites. But I'm here today to tell you why I think there is no such thing as a must know guitar song. Why You Needn't Learn "Must Know" Guitar Songs

SkolNotes - Being on tour in Germany all this week reminded me of the following travel story from a couple years ago. Enjoy...Bulgarian Rhapsody

Strat-O-Blogster - If you're on a budget and/or not ready for that overly extensive DIY build or upgrade, here's an idea from one of our readers. A Strat for Friday #116 - MIM Classic Players 60's Strat

Have a Rockin' Weekend


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