The Weekend Read for March 13th - 20th

Well I was a day late getting this posted,  None the less here is The Weekend Read from The Rock House Blog "Other Cool Sites" Partners.

Acoustic Guitarist Blog - in this article is create a simple exercise to help train the ear a little more for dealing with chords which have additional notes... How to Improvise on Guitar - Part 5 

Guitar MX Blog - GuitarWorld.com recently published their list of the top 10 worst dressed guitarists... Top 10 Worst Dressed Guitarists

Guitar Noize - Chickenfoot have released 2 previews of new songs...2 new Chickenfoot song previews! 

Guitar Player Zen - Simple install and incredible new sound equals a world of difference for both acoustic and electric players... Supercharge Your Guitar With Simple High Performance Upgrades From Graph Tech 

Strat-O-Blogster - Some of Dunlop's more recent additions to the Crybaby...MORE & MORE Dunlop Crybaby Pedals 

A short but good list.

Have a rockin' weekend

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