Guitar Lesson - Tapping Cannon

This is a cool guitar lesson from Professor Jim's Rock School that is a feature on The Rock House Methods web site. There are 8 tracks that are available for download to go with this lesson.A link to the audio tracks is at the end of this lesson.

Multi Finger Tapping Cannon
By: Professor Jim Rutkowski

In this lesson I am going to show you how to use muti-finger tapping to perform an arpeggio version of Pachabels Cannon.

To perform this piece you will have to use a first and third string octave pattern using your first and fourth fingers. To tap the notes, use the first and fourth fingers of your right hand. Listen carefully to the audio explanation to follow along.

Professor Jim’s words of wisdom… I strongly recommend that you practice this extremely slow to get all of the notes ringing clearly. Work with a metronome slowly and gradually increase the speed. Once you have this down it will become a very impressive piece to add to your repertoire. Have fun impressing people at weddings, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs!!

Until Next time,

Professor Jim

Make sure to keep your thumb resting on top of the neck when tapping. This gives your right hand support and balance while performing all tapping techniques. Also, this will help you keep your right hand in complete control. Note that in the tab example, the tapped notes have a circle around their finger number.

Multi-Finger Tapping
CANNON in D Major

Download all these practice tracks for just $2.99

1. Introduction Track
2. Guitar Tuning Notes
3. Example 80 Bpm
4. Example 100 Bpm
5. Example 120 Bpm
6. 80 Bpm Backing Track
7. 100 Bpm Backing Track
8. 120 Bpm Backing Track

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