Girls Who Rock - The Rock House Girl of the Week, Jacky

The Rock House Method Girl who Rocks is Jacky.

There's a lot of attention given to guys who can tear up the fretboard but there's a lot of girls who do too.
RH: When did you start playing?
Jacky: I started playing guitar at the age of 15, which was back in April 2007.

RH: Why should girls rock?
Jacky: Well, there is so many of us chicks out there who play instruments and listen to heavy metal bands etc, its not only just guys who do that ;)

If ya take a look around youtube for girls shredding guitars, you are definitely bound to find one with great skill. So if you see a chick who can shred, it shows we have the same potential/talent that a male can show on guitar... or for any instrument really.

RH: Whats your favorite music to play?
Jacky: My main favorite would have to be metal, bands like Children Of Bodom, Devildriver, Lamb Of God etc...any song that has catchy riffs and sounds good to me, I'll play. Other than that, I don't mind playing acoustic and rock stuff, always loved melodical music, particularly in the metal style (excellent finger exercise).

RH: Your Musical Goals?
Jacky: A goal I've always got set in motion each week, is to tackle as many challenging songs as I can to improve my technique at guitar. My long term goal would be, to one day be able to play like my guitar hero Alexi Laiho. He is definitely a big inspiration to me alongside many other icons including, Michael Amott, Chris Amott, Jason Becker, Roope Latvala, Dimebag and many more. I also wouldn't mind joining a metal band, but that's something I will figure out in a few years time.

RH: What guitars do you play?
Jacky: I own an electric Ashton guitar, which i received a day before my birthday back in 07, and I now currently own an ESP Alexi Laiho LTD 200 guitar which I only just got mid last year. Love that guitar.

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