Girls Who Rock - The Rock House Girl of the Week, Stephanie

A new weekly feature for the Rock House Blog. Girls Who Rock!

There's a lot of attention given to guys who can tear up the fretboard but there's a lot of girls who do too. In this new feature we are going to introduce. We want to give inspiration to all the girls out there that can jam with the best of them, ask 'em some questions and let them tell the Rock House readers exactly why Girls Rock!

Our first Girl Who Rocks is Stephanie who Rocks Warwick, Rhode Island:
1. When did you start playing?

I started playing the week of my 17th birthday (June 2003). My mother and father bought me my first guitar: a MIM Fender Stratocaster in Midnight wine. It was gorgeous- definitely one of the best birthdays ever!

2. Why Should Girls Rock?

Because music is universal and shows no gender bias, so everyone has the right to rock! If it's your passion then it's your duty.

3. What's your favorite Music To play?

I love playing blues, alternative rock , punk, metal. Any straight-forward in your face type of music. I write my own music as well. I play a lot of acoustic.I really enjoy finger picking. Letting every note tug at your heart.

4. Your Musical Goals?

I don't plan on selling millions of albums or becoming a super rock star, but I do intend to play the hell out my guitars in my lifetime. You never know when the day will come that you can't pour your soul out across those strings. If I touch any one person or inspire someone to play, or just feel then I've accomplished my goal.

5. What Guitars do you play and any other gear?

You can check out my site: www.myspace.com/lostinwonderland or http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/SeeEmilyPlay/ to check out an extensive list and pictures of my gear. But mainly I'm in love with Danelectro guitars, Fender, Yamaha (acoustics) and ESP. I play through a Fender '59 Bassman Reissue, and intend on purchasing a Vox AC30 within the next year. I use a various combination of pedals, mostly Boss. I play bass as well as guitar, and am picking up keys too.

Check it out each Friday for a new Girl Who Rocks. For up coming Girls who Rock you can check their pictures at www.myspace.com/therockhousemethod

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