The Weekend Read for Feb. 20th through Feb. 27th

I must say there was a ton of good stuff out there this week.

Acoustic Guitarist Blog - Tommy Emmanuel a giving an Acoustic Blues Guitar lesson in the key of E, it’s called Stevie’s Blues, as in Stevie Ray Vaughan. Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Lesson

Blogging Muses - The more you can identify and reach out to your fans the better off you’ll be. Viral Marketing – What’s Really “Real” About It?

Jem Site -  I had a particularly good practice day yesterday where everything felt right. Zoning Issues

Guitar Lifestyle - Suhr Guitars was recently profiled by Apple because of the fact that Macs are used in almost all phases of the Suhr guitar and amp building process. Suhr Guitars Profiled by Apple

Guitar Noize - This has to go down as one of the most bizarre guitar accessories I’ve seen in a while. Watch out Yngwie its the Shred-O-Meter!

Guitar Flame - OK, I know we all have this thing with looking out for new and impressive guitars, it’s like guitar porn as one of you guys said once. Chameleon Guitar…And A Bag Of “Sound Boards”!

GuitarPlayerZen - You’re looking at Guitar Player Magazine and every other page depicts a guitarist holding a shiny new guitar or standing in front of a new half stack with some killer new pedals. So You Want a Guitar Endorsement?

Not Playing Guitar - Guitar chord practice tables are an easy and effective way to track your guitar chord playing skills. Guitar Chord Practice Tables

Strat-O-Blogster - Not only a great opportunity to include "purple Sperzels" in the same sentence, but I get to hack the Skittles tag line as well. Tricked Out Guitar is blowing these out as part of their new store site. Tune the Rainbow With Sperzel Trim Lok Colors

Guitar Answers - Dating Your Guitar By The Serial Number 

Have a rockin' weekend



Sarssipius said...

The Tommy Emmanuel lesson is great...

sarge1875 said...

The lesson is nice and soulful, I enjoyed it to.