Tip of The Week - Learn Gradually and Have Realistic Goals

Musicians Tip of the Week

Don't try to play a lot of things you aren't ready for. Be Realistic about your capabilities as a beginner and learn gradually. If you progress at a steady, methodical rate, your technique and control of the guitar will become solid as you advance. Strive to master each new technique, chord or scale before moving on th something else. Attempting things that you're not quite ready for can discourage you instead of inspire you to play.


Stratocat said...

Thanks for not using an image of Lucy with her psych advice booth. I hate that Lucy beee-otch!!!

Gary Fletcher said...

The hard part is figuring out what's realistic. Things that appear, or are presented as, simple at first can turn out to be a huge hurdle.

You also get hit by the huge number of permutations that can be created by only a few new chords or notes.