Rusty Cooley Performing at Rock House's Wimbash - NAMM 2009

Some long awaited footage from the party of all parties at NAMM. The Wimbash concert is one of the highlights of the entire NAMM show.

This is footage from Rusty Cooley playing "Under the Influence". The master of the shred lit it up large at Wimbash. When it was over Rusty said "I'm really happy with the way tonight went" and he should be. I have to say that when he hit stage Rusty took control as you can see while watching the video. I think it also shows that how the crowd reacts to what your playing makes you play better. I was simply amazed by the performance of Rusty Cooley.

Don't forget if you want to learn Rusty's secrets to how he see and reads the fretboard or want to learn his techniques get out and get a copy of Rusty's Rock House Method DVD "Fretboard Autopsy".

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