The Amazing Talents of Kiko Louriero

I was talking to Rock House HQ the other day and was told a couple of tidbits about the lessons that were being produced with Kiko Louriero. Statements such as “this guy is simply amazing. These are going to be the most unique DVD’s Rock House has ever put out” really caught my attention.

Turns out while I was digging into the statements that were made, Kiko is actually doing 4 DVD’s for Rock House. He will of course, showcase how he fuses Rock/Metal and his Brazilian style of guitar playing together. It also seems that Kiko will be talking and showing us how he practices and what that really is to him. The gist on practice is a little different than playing scales or riffs. What Kiko does is take a piece of something he wants to learn and make into his style. He then uses that for his practice routine. Reading into this theory I can see where it would make life a little more interesting. How many times do we tire of scales and look for something to help us break out of the box. Well, Kiko is going to help us out with that.

Kiko also shows how classical music has been the driving force behind his style and his learning. He has gone as far to state that classical music is metal music, according to sources.

The DVDs are set to go hand in hand with Modes Demystified and Fretboard Autopsy which were produced last fall.

I find these all interesting thoughts and can’t wait to see the finished product. If I can get a sneak peek at the DVD I’ll let you know what else I discover.

There is a behind the scenes look at the production of Kikos DVDs here Rock House Method News


Jon said...

Can't wait to check out Kiko's DVD's he is an incredible guitarist!

sarge1875 said...

@ Jon - quite seriously dude, these DVDs will change the direction you look when playing guitar.