NAMM Updates - What Was I Thinking

Wow, I'll probably never make a statement like "I'll be doing NAMM Updates" again. 

Heading off to my first experience at NAMM with the Rock House gang was a fantastic experience. After the first full day I quickly realized that there was just no way I was going to be able write some posts while I was there. All the best intentions in the world but it was just not going to happen.

My days were spent making contact with PR and marketing people that are partners with Rock House and talking to anyone that would listen to me.

At the end of the work day you head back to the hotel, put your piggies up on a table and let them scream at you as you were making out the game plan for the evening and putting the finishing touches to the WIMBASH show. Then change clothes, make your feet scream by putting shoes back on and head off to find something to eat and meet up with Rock House Artist's and network.

We spent a lot of time with the guys that represent Rock House. I can tell you all this. They are all down to earth people who enjoy what they do and truly enjoy helping you guys learn to play musical instruments. They are all sincere hard working people. I'll write some posts about each of them over the next few weeks and hopefully give everyone a little better insight on the artists.

I also found some cool gear and took some pictures of great looking guitars and of course the rock stars we saw while working the show.

WIMBASH was absolutely unbelievable, I'll be posting some footage from that event as soon as I get it.


konewt said...

Hope your feet are rested! I've worked a trade show once in my life and I know you are tired! Looking forward to hearing your experiences from NAMM.

Jon said...

Look forward to seeing some Wimbash footage!