Interview With Rusty Cooley at Metal-Rules Plus Footage From Wimbash 2009

Rusty Cooley just turned me onto this interview he did with Robert Williams at Metal-Rules.com. Rusty talks about his experiences at NAMM 2009 and gives insight into what his plans are in 2009.

In the interview the master shredder talks quite a bit about The Rock House Method and why he does business with Joe and John. The best quote from Rusty about Rock House in the interview was:
"The product doesn't stop with you buying it and taking it home. You can get continued support (online) you log on, you get backing tracks, you can download additional tabs. You can interact with all of the other Rock House students and fans (and even some instructors) and that's pretty cool. They got the blog to keep you up to date with what all of the instructors are doing and tour dates...You really get in touch with the artists through Rock House. That's really pretty unheard of. As far as I know nobody else does that at all, I don't think outside of them that even exists".

Rusty also talks about his allegiance with Dean Guitars and the release of his RC7 out, which is the USA model, and then this year at NAMM the RCX debuted which is the RC7 import.

Plus insight into what's going on with Outworld.

On a personal note I'll be writing about the experiences I had with all the Rock House artists that I met at NAMM over the next few weeks.

Here's a video that was posted with the interview. It had an embed feature so I feel it was cool to post it. If your a Rusty Cooley fan you will definitely enjoy this interview.

Check it here at Metal-Rules.com

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Rose Garden Music said...

Excellent vid! Just think, in about 20 years, I might be able to be half as good as him. Or maybe a third... LOL