FREEKBASS Slaps and Pops Madison Theatre

Reviews of FREEKBSS just never seem to end. Now he has slapped and popped his way into the hearts and souls of The Madison Theater crowd.

The writer of the article Scott Preston makes some bold observations about The Funkster. Preston writes "KY was the landing site for the legend George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic as well as the next generation of funk, Freekbass".

I've listened to FREEKBASS and he is not only carrying the torch that has been passed onto him by Bootsy Collins he he is holding it high and proud.

Preston goes onto say, "Freekbass brought his own brand of funk to the masses while keeping true to the bone shaking funk of George Clinton & Bootsy Collins" and further states "Nobody has to worry about the tradition of funk dieing out anytime soon with this band from Cincinnati".

Comments about the article include:

Freekbass, is the spirit and soul of the new funk nation! The torch has been passed and the new prince of funk has stepped out of the Wing! This day Jan. 20th we proclaim, Freekbass go forth and funk the world in the name of your Town.

The P-Master,
Bootsy Collins!!!


This show was done on a very cold night with snow coming in but, when Freekbass hit the stage, the night started to heat up and got hotter as the band played. Freekbass rocks!

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Stormy Maverick said...
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Stormy Maverick said...

To quote an oldie but goodie..... Play that FUNKY MUSIC, white boy!