FREEKBASS Does Driveways

Some things can really catch your attention like the tone of SRV, The voice of Janis Joplin and now the sight of FREEKBASS doing your driveway.

That's pretty much what caught my attention of a review that was written in the Erie-Times about The Funkman's latest CD Junkyard Waltz.
The writer started the article by stating;
"Don't have a snow blower? You might try this: Put Freekbass' "Junkyard Waltz" on the stereo, point speakers outside and let these bone-shaking, rump-moving, wildly exciting slabs of modern funk melt every last inch of snow."

I can't argue with what has been written in any of the reviews I've seen and read about Junkyard Waltz FB is one of the smoothest funk players out there. I have to admit though, I did wake up this morning with about 4 more inches in my driveway. It's pretty tempting to get the snow removed and set a CD player up on the edge of the drive and let the neighbors funk out as they are digging theirs out.

Now if I could just get a life size cut out of FREEKBASS to put at the top of the drive.....

You can check the review at The Erie-Times Showcase

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Stormy Maverick said...

That sounds like a great idea! Hmmm... if it doesn't work I wonder if we can call the funkmaster himself to come shovel the drive for us?