The Only Chord Book You Will Ever Need - Video Review

It's always cool to see reviews of Rock House Products on other web sites. I found a review of "The Only Chord Book You Will Ever Need" on Rose Garden Music Blog. Of particular note you won't need to read the review because The Old Man put it on video. What a unique concept I must add.

Click here for the review - http://rosegardenmusic.blogspot.com/2008/12/review-only-chord-book-you-will-ever.html

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Guy Vestal said...

Howdee Sarge!

Thanks for the mention...

I just had to do the video since it was in book form, I thought it would be great if future buyers could get a good look at it, so they felt a little more assured about waht they were getting. Reviews, and customer testamonials are great, but if you can get a peek at it, and see what your getting, you tned to feel better about the purchase.

I was so happy with it, that I just had to take the opportunity to tell others that it was exactly what they needed, and it was the perfect one-time purchase to cover all of their chord repository needs. :-)