Chimaira Interview with "The Cleveland Free Times"

A couple of the guys from Chinaira sat down and talked with D.X. Ferris of "The Cleveland Scene". They talk about the upcoming 9th annual Chimaira Christmas show on December 30th.

The interesting thing about the show is that Chimaira let their fans vote on the songs that they will perform for the show. It will be an 18 song set. According to Ferris, The poll results are classified, but you can probably expect the power-surge title track from 2007’s Resurrection, which chronicled the sextet’s divorce from powerhouse metal label Roadrunner and their subsequent signing to indie foundry Ferret. The writer did wessal out of the that they’ll also play nuggets like “Eyes of a Criminal,” in addition to signature throwdowns like “Pure Hatred,” which was the number-one vote-getter.

The article which is title "Thrash the Halls" can be found on The Cleveland Scene.

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