Children of Bodom Open and Update Their Official Webshop

Children of Bodom's official webstore has been updated with a new facelift and has hopes of offering a smoother shoping experiance for their fans. But, if you give them your opinion on what you think of their new store or have and ideas on how to improve it or suggest things that you would like to see in the future, then there is a survey you can take. If you take the survey you could be the lucky winner of one of the 50 euro gift tokens they are giving out. 

Children Of Bodom Hate Wear offers worldwide shipping and we charge only the actual Finnish Postal Service fees!

Some of the latest additions to our shop include the marvelous gatefold vinyls of the first three albums, new picture LPs, shirts, flasks and much more!

Hold tight onto your shopping cart and Follow The Reaper to the store!

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Anonymous said...

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