The Weekend Read - My Picks From Music Web Blogs For The Week Nov. 1 - 7

Here's the list of my picks to read from our blog roll. Some are about music, some are about instruments. The list (in no particular order) will give you plenty of reading over the weekend.

Little Rock Jams - Ear Training Exercises
Not Playing Guitar - Guitar Finger Independence without the Guitar
SRV1 Blog - Essential Guitar Guide
The Blues Historian - Top 50 Southern Soul, Rhythm & Blues Albums
Truth in Shreading - A bunch of shreading videos

I also want to welcome a new site to the blog roll. Band of me http://bandofme.com/ Band of me is a community of indie artists. What makes them unique is that they are a community for more than just bands. We are for solo artists that want to display their talent of the musical instrument they play, whether it be Guitar, Voice, Drums, Bass, DJ, Piano, or others. We let users browse by their choice of instrument and they can narrow down their search to watch particular genres.

Have a rockin' weekend!


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The Old Man said...

I'll be checking these out this weekend! Thanx Sarge...