The Weekend Read - Blog Picks for Nov. 15th - 21st

Here's the list of my picks to read from our blog roll. Some are about music, some are about instruments. The list (in no particular order) will give you some of reading over the weekend.

Acto Guitar - Learn a song, tons of video lessons.
AMPLIFI3R - Strange Stage Presence: The 5 Most Outrageous Onstage Personas
Guitar Flame - How To Tune Your Acoustic Guitar Using Your Smartphone
Guitar Player Zen - Ask and You Shall Receive
GuitarMX - Vote In The Guitar World Readers Poll 2009
Little Rock Jams - Top 3 iPhone Guitar Apps
Marks Guitar Blog -  Using 3rds and 7ths as Guide Tones for Blues
Not Playing Guitar - Best Tips to Learn Guitar
Strat-O-Blogster - Who Makes the Hottest Strat Pickups??


The Old Man said...

Thanx Sarge! I'll be on them this weekend!

Stratocat said...

Good to make the list! Thank you!!

sarge1875 said...

Thanks guys!

Stratocat - you have a lot of great articles.