Review of Modes Demystified – Eraser Not Included

Modes Demystified – Eraser Not Included

Modes Demystified DVD – Check
Guitar – Check
Number 2 Pencil – Check

Wait a minute, did he just say number 2 pencil? Umm yeah I did. Knowledge and understanding doesn’t come easy, it takes time, patience and a number 2 pencil.

John McCarthys newest Rock House DVD “Modes Demystified” accomplishes exactly what the title says it does. John shows and teaches, in an easy to understand way through visuals with his guitar and interaction with you through your guitar that there really is no mystery to understanding modes, notes and patterns. All you need is some time for studying, time for practicing the content and a wee bit of patience not to try and dive ahead of each lesson. Oh yeah, and a number 2 pencil for your homework assignments.

The DVD really is like having someone sit in front of you and explain the construction of scales. John did a good job of explaining each lesson leaving little room for questions floating through my head. It all starting with the single string chromatic scale, when your done you will know all seven modes and how to apply them to your playing. A few of the many other topics you can learn among the many in the DVD that may be important to you are:

The Circle of Fifths
The Circle of Fourths
How to find a relative minor key
Arpeggios for all seven modes
Modal Chord Progressions
How to apply the modes
Extended chord patterns
Chordal soloing

Again just a few, the list would take up half the page of this post.

Although I had a basic grasp of modes and how they work, I have to say that the short time I have had this DVD has made a huge difference in my understanding of modes. I can’t wait to get through the rest of it. Remembering though the learning experience with this DVD is a journey not a race.

Take your time with this DVD and have a number 2 pencil handy. This by far easily ranks right at the top of my Rock House DVD collection.


MJK said...

...my Amazon Wish List\Christmas List is getting Massive, but I am thinking of bumping this one to the top...

Thanks Sarge

sarge1875 said...

You and many others should, truely an awesome DVD.

The Old Man said...

I can see that this will be yet another DVD I will be in need of some day.

Why is it I get the feeling that I will have quite a collection of RHM DVD's when this is all said and done? LOL

Stormy Maverick said...

Wow... a great review for what could turn out to be one of the cornerstones of the Rock House collection!

sarge1875 said...

@ Stormy - This will defenitly be a core product of Rock House. Very Impressive.